Clark County Parks is collecting data to help identify use in along the trails
throughout our community. Clark County Parks, with the City of Vancouver and
City of Vancouver Transportation Department, participates in the National Bicycle and
Pedestrian Documentation Program. The data that we collect helps us develop our future
plans and budgets to best serve the community interest and needs. Each trail will be surveyed
twice: one weekday afternoon and one weekend day mid-day, corresponding with the
designated days and times set by the National Documentation Project, depending on the
number of volunteers. The week for the counts will be announced through the local press and
our department website, usually in mid-September.

litter squad

Duties & Responsibilities:
Volunteers are asked to attend a one hour orientation/training on how to count.  Volunteers will be assigned a specific trail and time and are expected to count only during those times. All information will be sent back to Clark County Parks.


Location:  Designated trails throughout Vancouver and Clark County

Time Commitment: One hour required training before trail counting day.  Trail counts usually occur the second week of September.  Tuesday-Thursday 5-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-11am.

Experience required: None required

Minimum age: Any age welcome, age 13 and under with a guardian. If you are under the age of 18 you will need to fill out a Minor Consent Form which can be obtained through the Volunteer Program Coordinator.

Application required: Yes

Background check required: No

This is great opportunity to get outside, reconnect with nature, and enhance our parks and trails. Information collected from volunteer trail counters helps to support possible trail improvements. 

For more information:
Contact our volunteer coordinator at or (360) 397-2285 ext. 1627 for more information